WHAT IS Oklahoma Marketing Group (OMG)?

We are a full service digital marketing group that caters to Oklahoma's SMB market. Our solutions are offered in an effort to help business better promote themselves to the right people. OMG provides everything from responsive web design to comprehensive marketing campaigns. Additionally, our group offers simple IT infrastructure services such as business email account management, CRM setup and maintenance, and website online payment portal integrating.


Oklahoma Marketing Group descends from a 2012 senior capstone project at OSU - known as aurasungroup - and was built around the realization that more affordable marketing tools are needed within the Tulsa SMB community. OMG took what the larger commercial market could provide and condensed it into a product that was more efficient to the small business environment. 

This initiative was subsequent to several case studies that proved that many small business owners in the area were unaware of their "advertising" rather than "marketing" efforts. This project was and continues to be dedicated to taking the uncertainty out of marketing strides so that business owners can get back to what they do best - growing and developing their company for the betterment of the community.

WHAT DOES Oklahoma Marketing Group PROMISE?

The OMG commitment is to help businesses develop a solid understanding of their long-term marketing needs and to implement a digital infrastructure that meets the needs of their revenue maximization goals.